Executive Order 20-88

  • Certain FRS Employees that have retired since October 1, 2019 or who may retire before August 1, 2020 under a state administered retirement plan may continue to be employed or be re-employed immediately
    • law enforcement officers
    • first responders, emergency management and public safety personnel
    • health and medical professionals
    • other critical COVID-19 response personnel as identified and determined by a state agency
  • Employment must assist the COVID-19 emergency response
  • Will not incur liability or void recent retirees’ retirement
  • Retirement benefits related to time of re-employment will not be accrued before August 1, 2022
  • Re-employment shall be permitted until 30 days after expiration of EO 20-52, but not to extend beyond August 1, 2022
  • Once re-employment ceases, the time toward completion of 6-month re-employment period and the 7th-12th month re-employment limitation period will cease to be tolled

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