Executive Order 20-70

  • Expires March 31, 2020, but may be extended
  • incorporated and unincorporated areas of Broward County and Palm Beach County
  • Restaurants & Bars
    • Any that have seating for more than 10 people must close on-premises service of customers
    • May continue to operate kitchens for delivery services
    • Employees, janitorial personnel, contractors and delivery personnel may have access
    • Grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations and convenience stores, must close any eat-in areas.
    • Does not apply to delivery services, pick-up or take out services
    • Does not apply to restaurants associated with essential services, including the airports, port facilities, secure facilities and hospitals (or others determined by the county administrators) 
  • All movie theatres, concert houses, auditoriums, playhouses, bowling alleys, arcades, gyms, fitness studios and beaches shall close.
    • Does not apply to gyms or fitness centers which are
      • amenities of hotels which have a capacity of 10 persons or less
      • are an amenity of a residential building
      • are interior to any fire or police stations
      • are located inside any single-occupant office building. 
  • These are minimum standards, but local municipalities may impose stricter rules
  • The Broward County Administrator and the Palm Beach County Administrator shall have the ability to enforce, relax, modify or remove these closures, as warranted

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