All COVID Restrictions Lifted

Executive Order 20-244 lists all state-wide COVID-19 restrictions. There is a small bit of flexibility for local government. Please be sure to check on any local restrictions when making decisions.

  • Effective immediately as of 2020-09-25
  • No business can be forced to close.
    • There is no longer a distinction of “essential” and “non-essential” services.
    • All businesses have the right to operate in some capacity.
  • Restaurants may re-open to 100% indoor capacity.
    • Local governments may restrict indoor capacity to no lower than 50% and must quantify the economic impact of the added restrictions and must also explain why they are necessary for public health.
  • Bars are still limited to 50% capacity.
    • Local governments may increase that up to 100% if they believe it will be safe for their area.
  • Fines or penalties levied upon individuals for COVID-19 violations can no longer be collected.
    • Anyone that still owes does not have to pay

To see more information about past restrictions, visit the original Summary page.